UAE Ministry of Health

This is something quite different for me.  A campaign I've just shot for Double Exposure Productions in Dubai.  The Client is the UAE Ministry of Health and prevention and the project was for Nurse recruitment.  Essentially, the problem in UAE is that there is a severe lack of local nurses - most of them are Ex-Pats from abroad.  Why?  Because young Emirati's have a whole bunch of negative associations with Nursing as a career, from the idea that it's dull and boring with little responsibility to the fact that it's seen as old-fashioned and not a career for younger people.  

Initially, I was asked to direct one spot, that had already been written and approved by the client.  However, after meeting with the guys out in Dubai, I was also able to add a little creative strategy and direction, wrote a new VO and ended up creating a further four TV spots and five  vertical videos for Social Media (which was actually where I felt the audience might be more likely to watch.) 

As a result, Double Exposure have now been given a number of new (and extremely exciting) briefs from both the immediate client and various other departments within the ministry and beyond.  And I'm delighted to be helping them try and solve a number of other health-related issues.

Here are just a couple of the spots.  And a couple of the vertical vids