Something new. Something old.

Like everyone, I love working on new projects.  But it's sometimes nice to develop something over time.  Watch it grow.  Let it take you in new directions.  Maybe directions you didn't even know existed.  With the right team - a team of curious explorers who are 'up for the ride' rather than just counting the days - it can be an exhilarating process.  And it requires something I don't have in abundance.  Patience.  Because this way of doing things is more akin to wine-making than film-making.  Shooting a bit.  Music a bit.  Edit a bit.  And repeat.  But I'm working on a strange and important project which will hopefully make people sit up and think.  So, without giving away too many details, let's say it's working title is 'Ghetto2Ghetto'.

Last night's stop along the way involved a late-night recording session and shoot with the incredibly talented Kevin Pollard and the wonderful (and extremely generous) Hip-hop musician and rapper Kappoo.

More soon....