A new home...

Welcome to my new website.  It's a collection of current and recent work (I've left out most of my past campaigns from my Agency life).  Most of it is film or video, although I'll also be adding a few stills.  At the same time, I'll use this space to update visitors (probably my family) to what I'm up to and where I'm doing it.  

For example, I'm working on a few new projects right now, including an experimental piece that combines music and narrative (oh, you mean a musical???) but in a very different way.  The subject is incredibly haunting, and it features a very special person, Janine.  A survivor of the Holocaust, she spends her time visiting schools and speaking to youngsters about the need for tolerance and love, as opposed to discrimination and hatred.  

She's an amazing human being.   I've already made one film with her - The Forever Project.  And I hope our new film does her justice.